Badminton Court Lighting

The picture above exhibited the performances of high intensity LED highbay being deployed to replacing the 500W HID flood lights in the indoor badminton stadium.

Type of fittingsNOVETE® 200W high intensity canopy highbay model G400-329W200K5:
CCT (corelated color temperature) 5000K, beam angle 120°, luminous efficacy 140 lumen per watt.
Brief outline of stadiumTotal ground area of the stadium is 2500 m2 comprising of 6 standard badminton courts measuring 13.40 x 6.10 meters each and auditorium area. The replacement of LED luminaire is targeting the playing area only.
InstallationThe fittings are mounted on the horizontal structural beam of 10.2 meters high and perpendicularly casting toward the playing area.
Light performances36 units of 200W G400 high intensity canopy highbay illuminating six badminton courts. The targeted performance requires to achieve an average illuminance of not less than 300 lux with uniformity of 0.4~0.5.