Grow light for urban farming


G6630ZB is a multi-color WIFI LED grow light. It was specially developed as a solution for urban farming of organic vegetables cultivation. Thus, it may be cited as “urban farming grow light”.  

The luminaire is featuring with dark red, dark blue and specific white spectrum LED chips. All of the colors chips being bonded on the PCB are integrated with ZigBee GSM gateway wireless network. The respective ratio of LED color spectrum and its intensity could be monitored by mobile phone and/or notebook after setting up the Window base software as provided.

The dark red and dark blue spectrum LED chips with appropriate ratio would be essentially necessary for stimulating the vegetable seeds during the germination stage. However, they could be replaced by specific white spectrum when the vegetable sprout is growth to approximately 1.0~1.5cm high. The specific white spectrum light could therefore enhance the photosynthesis reaction during vegetative growth stage that the PPFD could be ranging from 130~150 µmol/m2/s.


Urban farming system may be setup either in an industrial building premises or used TEU or FEU containers under isolated environment. G6630ZB grow lights and environmental monitoring system are integrated with the hydroponic vegetable cultivation components are housed inside an enclosed premise. 

Case study 

System Setup: Numerous units of used FEU being deployed for setting up of organic lettuce cultivation at a designated city farming area in town. Every FEU unit facilitates with two rows of 5-tiers cultivating racks of approximately 2 meters high. Every cultivation tiers are fitted with an 80cm width hydroponics groove and irrigation system with 8 units of G6630ZB grow lights. The grow lights were mounted approximately 40cm above the vegetable cultivation zone that lights emission are evenly casting toward the entire hydroponic groove.  

One unit of ZigBee wireless modem is provided for a total of 80 units of G6630ZB grow lights inside the FEU unit via WIFI controllers monitored the light scene by the designated program setup in the mobile phone or notebook. The environmental condition of the enclosed premise, including humidity, temperature, Ph value, CO2, etc. are monitored by environmental computerize control system.  

Gemination Stage: Light scene inside the vertical urban farming premise are set to dark red and dark blue color spectrums to stimulating the vegetable seeds. Vegetable sprouts were gradually grown to approximately 1.0~1.5cm within a period of 7~10 days. Specific white color spectrum wouldn’t be required during the gemination stage.  

Vegetative Growth Stage: The light scene inside the vertical urban farming premise would be changed to specific white color. Thus, dark red and dark blue spectrum would be completely switch-off. Vegetables were grown to approximately 34~36cm after 5~6 week from gemination stage.