high mast lighting for golf driving range

A good design and installation of sports lighting with adequate illuminance level and uniformity would provide a comfortable environment that enable the participants and officials to perform the game comfortably and the spectators.

A football pitch is the playing surface made of turf. Technically, the illuminance level would be determined upon the intended purpose of play, such as amateur, training, club-competition or semi-professional play, etc. However, the design criteria in this respect should be focusing on adequate level of illuminance and uniformity ratio (min over average illuminance). 


Traditionally, average illumination (Eav) of 50 lux would be adequate for amateur and training purposes. Nevertheless, it is recommended that club competition and match practical level are required 100 lux respectively. Whereas, semi-professional competition should maintain at a level of 200 lux or thereabout. In relation to the above, the ideal design of lighting profile for football pitch should maintain a uniformity ratio (u0) of 0.55~0.60. The above recommendations are meant for providing safety of the participants and level of visual tasks anticipated. 

A small private football pitch measuring 24 x 27 meters facilitates for training and club competition purposes on hiring basis. The turf surface was illuminated by traditional 350W metal halide shoebox light fixture operating for approximately 3~4 hours evening games daily. The cost of operation, include mainly the electrical bill and maintenance were found very excessive that eroding a great deal of business revenue. In this respect, high intensity LED floodlight were proposed for replacing the metal halide.

8 units of FM3637-096W150 150W high intensity LED flood lights fitted with 60° secondary optic lens were installed on the existing 6.5-meter-high lamp poles. The performances of the replacement were proven below: 

·         Average illuminance on turf surface (Eav)164 lux
·         Minimum illuminance on turf surface (Emin)70 lux
·         Maximum illuminance on turf surface (Emax)305 lux
·         Uniformity ratio0.43