Horticulture Lightings

We developed various model of horticulture lightings which include

(a) G110 high intensity linear grow light for indoor green wall; 

(b) G400 high intensity canopy highbay for ceiling height exceeding 8 meters indoor land-plants;

(c) G510F high intensity recessed down lights for office premises with standard ceiling of 3 meters, and

(d) G310 multi-color compact tubular LED grow lights for indoor vegetation, etc..

G400U Grow Light for Indoor Plants

G400U is a high intensity LED canopy grow light fitted with surface-mounted bracket. The image exhibited on right is one of the indoor plants project that comprised of glaonema, alocasia, anthurium, aphelandra squarrosa, and other tropical and semi-tropical species for decorative and positive psychological effects purposes. This project is located at Punggol district of Singapore. Indoor plants are positioned under 120 meters long shaded area in the multi-storey carpark building. Proper fertilizer, correct moisture, soil mixture, temperature, and humidity were provided but no sunray was available throughout the day. As the day light level does not provide adequate photosynthesis active radiation, plants deteriorated within a week.

40 units of G400A 130W LED Canopy Highbay were installed along the beam at about 4 meters high casting towards the planted area. The wave length of 130W grow lights emits 313.18µmol/s, thus efficiently transmitting chlorophyll that penetrates deeper into the leaf interior to drive photosynthesis. 

G110 Grow Light for Green Wall

Three sets of green walls were built in a mobile phone sales reception office in Singapore. Each set of green wall, measuring 2.7 meters width by 2.4 meters height were installed in between the white boards. Generally, plants consist of epiphytessucculentscacti and tropical spices. NOVETE® 120W G110 linear grow lights fitted with “T” mounting brackets were proposed and installed on the drop-down ceiling at distance of 2.1 meters from the green wall. The 6000K color temperature provides photon-base of 58.9 PAR watts or 268.4 µmol/s luminous efficacy. The radiant flux of the green wall is exhibited on left.

G400C Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Planters are plants that are grown indoors in residences, offices and commercial lobby. They serve the purposes of decoration as well as psychological and environmental effects. The plants are mostly tropical or semi-tropical species, such as epiphytessucculents or cacti, etc. these plants need the correct moisture, soil mixture, temperature, humidity, fertilizer and correct-sized of pots. However, adequate photon flux would be essentially required to enable the process of photosynthesis.

The picture on right exhibits the indoor planters that scatter within a common area of airport lobby. The standard size of a planters’ pot measures 3m x 9m with grown plants of approximately 4.5 meter high. The planters’ pots are placed under 13.5 meters high false ceiling from which 6 units of recessed grow lights are proposed to be installed, to provide adequate photon flux for chlorophyll absorbance of photosynthetic cells.

Six units of NOVETE® 200W G400C were proposed to provide irradiance of photosynthesis active radiation (PAR) for the plants. G400C grow light is a recessed mounting luminaire fitted with two pieces of L brackets for recessed mounting installation. The 6000K color temperature provides photon-base of 113 PAR watts or 516 µmol/s luminous efficacy. Append below is the radiant flux of the planter pot.