LED lightings for logistic warehouse

A logistic warehouse with large plain area is use for storage of goods and raw material consigned by importers, exporters and wholesalers. They often have cranes and forklifts for sorting and moving of goods that need to be despatched to the ultimate consignees as designated by the consignors.

Picture on left exhibited the lighting profile of the premises after using NOVETE® G400 high intensity canopy highbay for reformation of the existing lighting arrangement. Task performances was significantly improved as compared to the traditional HID luminaires, that the following data is of reference.

Outline of the project

The logistic warehouse with plan area of approximately 12000m2 were illuminated by traditional highbay fitted with 400W HID lamps coupled with 120° cone shape reflectors. The operator initiated to reform the existing lighting arrangement due mainly to economizing the cost of maintenance.

 Adoptive luminaire

200W high intensity G400 canopy highbay, model G4040A-329W200K5.

Mounting method

The luminaires fitted with U shape bracket were mounted on the horizontal steel structural of approximately 12 meters high.

Lighting layout

Average 10 square meter per light

Task performances

Average illuminance on floor area

306 lux (Eav)


Perpendicular illuminance

459 lux


Workplane (0.85m above ground)

349 lux



u0 = 0.68


Specific connected load

18.9W per m2

Comparative features

Daily operation

Average 10 hours daily of 360 days


Power consumption basing on compatible task performance basis

G400 @ 757.8kW per light/annum


HID @1800.0kW per light/annum


Saving of power



Life span (G400 vs HID)

30000 hours vs 8000 hours